ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company in Bangladesh: Agency, OPA and Marine Supply

Shipowners Problems starts from HIGH Port DA from Shipping Agents ( nominated by charterer), Slow Discharge Rate, Unpaid Hire from Charterer, Admiralty Suit, Maritime Lien, Charter Party Dispute, Dispute with documentation, Despatch-Demurrage-Laytime related problem, High Charge for Crew SIgn on -Off, Crew Sickness-Need proper treatment,........ Insurance Claims, Survey and Shipping Agency Service...

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Many vessels operate on time and voyage charters; improper performance and a
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Knowledge Area
P&I Clubs, H&M Underwriters, Shipowners & Charterers always need 24/7 professional support
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Shipping Services
PANOCEAN LIMITED is an ISO certified, joint stock registered limited liability and
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PANOCEAN Limited. is an independent, third party surveying company, established in the
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Panocean Limited entered into trading business in 2015 considering country's business requirements
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Panocean provides wide range of service in Maritime Industry. Our team members, available 24/7 for casualty response projects, possess the skills to mitigate financial losses. These skills evolve from a strong knowledge of vessel design & construction; marine law; insurance claims; risk management; port & Customs regulations; the issues surrounding marine insurance coverage, safety and personal injury losses, third-party damage incidents; and an understanding of liability exposure for large loss events. Our surveyors utilize a practical, hands-on approach towards casualty situations and demonstrate a keen sense of economics in protecting our clients’ interests.


Within our product group Risk Management the work is done by a team of skilled consultants who have many years experience of shipping/engineering, transport/cargo, risk management and organisation management. The following services are offered by our company:

Quick scans:

Quick scans are general  investigations that are carried out in all sectors of the maritime industry. The aim is to obtain an impression of, for instance, the condition of a ship or a piece of hardware or a cargo. Quick scans can also be used to determine the quality of the relevant personnel.

Risk analyses:

Risk analyses are more in depth versions of quick scans. They emphasise the corporate structures involved in addition to the condition of the ship hardware or cargo. This includes analysis of maintenance programmers, ship management procedures, company procedures, contacts, and terms and conditions. Risk analyses include recommendations regarding managerial measures that need to be taken. Risk analyses provide investors and insurers with a clear picture of the risks that they are taking on. They indicate plainly to principals –generally shipowners and managers how they can reduce risks or how to prepare for high-risk situations.

Implementation of risk management systems:

Implementation of risk management systems is the logical next step. In this phase, a system is introduced to an organisation that allows it to handle existing risks efficiently. Moreover, a risk management system allows an organisation to  identify and respond adequately to future risks.